VR at Events - How Does It Work?

Virtual Reality Rentals service might sound like something unusual, and it is, but the process of setting up VR at your event is similar to any other vendors. There are just a couple more steps which need to be taken to make sure virtual reality experience at your event is exceptional, but you don’t need to worry - we take care of everything.
  1. Request a callback or submit a form to connect with our team. You can also email us at contact@vrrent.ca or call +1(647)778-6077
  2. Clarify event details, such as venue, number of guests and their demographic, rental period and any other requirement such as specific experiences or our personal approach.
  3. Make a deposit. Virtual Reality Rentals Toronto is receiving deposits exclusively via our PayPal account. You can use your debit or credit card to make a deposit.
  4. Venue check. Our team will connect with the venue to make sure that host can designate the area for virtual reality equipment. The equipment itself takes just a couple square feet, but the play area might take some more space, depending on experience requirements. Also, you might want to consider the quantity of screens and projectors you would like to use. The basic setup includes one display/projector per a virtual reality station.
  5. Equipment setup. One hour before the beginning of your event we will come and set up the equipment. This time frame allows us and organizers resolve any issues which might appear during the installation of the VR equipment. 
  6. During the event, our team will provide your guests with virtual reality experience, disposable hygiene masks, and make sure they don’t harm anyone while playing virtual reality version of Fruit Ninja! 

We will be happy to provide virtual reality experience on your next event. Don’t hesitate with any questions and contact us at contact@vrrent.ca or +1(647)778-6077